Vaastu is a name given to a balanced proportion of air, water, fire, sky and earth for human beings. So Vaastu and Environment are closely related: they cannot be separated from one another. If vaastu, based on these five elements is correctly balanced, the atmosphere will also be in the right shape. If that balance is wrong, environment too cannot remain unaffected. Vaastu is that site, where the building is erected or the site fit for building a house. An Integrated piece of land fit for building a house is called Vaastu.

Every human being has a dream to own a house in which after a day’s hard work he could spend some happy hours with his family members with peace of mind. He aspires to live in a disease free, eco-friendly conditions and he expects only the prosperity and happiness all the while in his home. Here is the importance of Vaastusastra. Because it is the only science dealing with above said aspects.

Vaastu knowledge is also related to geology and mathematics. Ancient architects chose the place for erection of building according to smell. Colour , touch, taste of the soil. The focal concept in Vaastu is its auspiciousness that is it ought to be bestowing of children, and grand-children, wealth and prosperity money and glory to the house owner.

Main object of a residential house should be closely related/associated with favourable natural resources, Architectural style and Vaastu, so that human beings living in it could enjoy complete health, happiness and prosperity. According to Varahmihir, the main object of Vaastu is to attain worldly as well as heavenly bliss.

The person who worships knowledge of buildings in the proper manner is blessed with health, son, wealth and cereal grains. According to vedas, In the absence of correct Vaastu the owner of the house faces calamities like death family members at the early ages, extinction of his sons and grandsons, loss of wealth, education and mental rests, and other types of turbulent happenings.